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Template Information
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Template Information

This is the rerelease of the hugely popular Solaris. I have delayed it expecting phpBB 3 to be released sooner but as that is yet to happen, I've made this release now. While this rerelease includes a number of updates and fixes, they are all relatively minor compared to the new Solaris theme I am working on as I am writing this. I won't say more, I'll let it remain a surprise but I'm positive it'll turn out to be one of my best designs ever.

This new version fixes the bugs I have been informed of, it should also be fully compatible with phpBB 2.0.17 and fully support visual confirmation. Besides the less visible fixes, the logo has been updated, some things have been restyled a little and so have a few of the buttons.
I am aware that many of you run modded boards with extra graphics and you may still use the old image files. If so make sure you don't overwrite them when you upload this. The new buttons are just a small bonus. :)

This template started out as a template for a customer, Pablo Soler, who runs the French role-playing website alternativeSuns. He wanted a stylish and unique look for his forums ( and contacted me. He also asked me to release the template to the public.

So, here's the end result. The name of the template is borrowed from one of my favorite books, a novel by Polish science-fiction author Stanislaw Lem (visit his website at It's one of the best modern science-fiction novels and I recommend it strongly.

You could call it the sequel to SpacePilot3K and in a sense it is but this is SpacePilot3K taken a step further. This is an attempt at creating a futuristic space science-fiction template with a black oriented color scheme. The colors of Solaris are rather dark, and I've tried to adjust them to fit both flat screens and standard CRT screens. Should the colors be too dark, try increasing the brightness of your screen.

Also note that even though it has graphics as top-right navigation links, this template supports multiple languages. As long as there's a lang_<language name> folder in the images subfolder of the Solaris folder, the images will load automatically when you swap language in your profile. If the template can't find any images for the language you've chosen, it will load the default language which is English (can be changed by modifying overall_header.tpl).
English and French images are included with the template. You can download the image set from to create your own translated graphics.

I've spent quite some time debugging this template so you shouldn't experience any problems using it. But, if you might, feel free to drop me a line. You'll find my contact details at my website.

I listened an awfully lot to M.E. by Underworld while designing this template so there has to be something of it in this...

Template name Solaris
Template version 1.12
Compatible with phpBB 2.0.19
Author Jakob Persson
Template description A space style template in yellow, orange, gray and black.
Localized English and French graphics included. An image set for creating localized graphics is available at as well as at

Questions by email will not be answered. Instead I suggest you post your question in the Styles Development forum at If I am unable to help you, it's likely someone else there will be able to.

Comments are always welcome. If you find an error, encounter a problem or have general ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me by email (see my website for contact details) or by sending me a private message at the forums (my nickname is Kail).

Version history
All dates are in European format (yyyy-mm-dd).

v1.12 (2006-01-06)
- phpBB 2.0.19 compatibility.

v1.11 (2005-12-13)
- phpBB 2.0.18 compatibility.

v1.1 (2005-09-10)
- Many bug fixes as well as phpBB 2.0.17 compatibility.

v1.01 (2003-04-07)
- Fixed bug: {L_CURRENT_PASSWORD} shown in profile page.

v1.0 (2003-03-30)
- First release.


If you need help installing it, please refer to this excellent installation guide in the phpBB knowledge base.

If you'd have any problems please post a reply in the Styles Development forum at, in the original Solaris release topic, and I'll reply as soon as I can.


Blank logo image
I've included a blank logo image to help you customize this template to fit your own community forums. The image is a PNG file (non-lossy compression). Click here to see it (or right click on the link and select "Save target as..." to save it).

Prevent page layout breaking
Many people have emailed me about this since Solaris has fixed width. Christian Fecteau has devised a neat solution to prevent page layout from breaking. You can download it in the form of an MOD here below. Please note that I am not responsible for Christian's work so if you have questions regarding this MOD or how to use it or how it works, please contact Christian, not me:


If you like my work please consider making a donation. It helps me cover costs of software licenses and hardware and helps me release more themes to the public.

Donors will be recognized for their contribution unless they choose not to.

Click here to proceed to the donations page.

License and Disclaimer

The following terms apply to all templates above and replaces any previous license included with the download files:

All free templates and all files included in the distribution packages are Copyright © 2003 -2005 Jakob Persson unless otherwise stated.

WARNING: Do not delete the credit notice in the page footers and source code! Removal of the phpBB copyright notice or the template credit and copyright notice revokes your privilege to use this template.

Your privilege to use thess templates, parts of them or any template derived from this template, can be rescinded at the author's (Jakob Persson's) sole discretion. It is very unlikely that I'll take such action but in the case I find my designs being used at unsuitable websites that I do not wish to be associated with I retain the right to do so.

This template is provided free of charge, however some exceptions apply (see below), with no warranties whatsoever. I do not guarantee the quality of this work nor can I be held responsible what problems it may cause you. Use it at your own risk. Be careful, backup the database, backup the files before making any major changes to your phpBB installation, including installing templates!

If you wish to use parts of these templates for your own creations, designs, skins, themes, templates or anything else you must receive an express, written consent from the author (Jakob Persson). Note that"parts" include visual design, layout and shapes of objects and elements. Simply put, using different files does not make it exempt from requiring permission or being considered a derivative work in regards to applicable law.

You may not create derivative works without having obtained permission to do so. You may not hire, lease, sell or distribute these works, parts of them or works derived from them without an express, written consent from the author, Jakob Persson.

By downloading or using these templates you acknowledge having read and understood the terms of the license agreement and understand that you are legally bound by them.

All use of this design and derivatives is controlled by the terms of this license. If you'd like to modify Solaris for use at your site or use it for your site's design, please see the FAQ section at my website. If your question is not answered already, you may contact me.

Last revised: 2006-01-06

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